DARREL'S BBQ chicken

Welcome to the second in our series of 'Stay at Home' recipes exclusively written by Darrel Wilde - Executive Chef at Alexander House & Utopia Spa



  • 10g Ginger fresh sliced

  • 10g Sea salt

  • 15g Black peppercorns

  • 100g Peeled and sliced garlic

  • 30g Rosemary

  • 30g Oregano

  • 30g Thyme

  • 30ml Vegetable oil

  • 1.3 litre Water



  • 60ml Olive oil Extra Virgin

  • 40g Garlic purred

  • 1x Lemon squeezed

  • 0.5x Orange squeezed

  • 100g Clear honey British

  • 30ml White wine vinegar

  • 15ml Water



Bring all the ingredients to the boil to release all their flavours and cool down completely before adding the chickens.


Refrigerate and leave to marinade for 24 hours. This allows all the flavours of the brine to season the chickens throughout.


Mix all ingredients together like you would a dressing.


Keep in a container ready for later.


Take your chickens out the brine and pat dry with paper kitchen towel.


Make sure your coals on your BBQ are white (hot) and there are no flames.


Place the chicken on the grill on a high level as you don’t want them colour too quickly. You must cook the chicken all the way through. Be aware that the brine will give a slight pink tinge to the meat even when its cooked. Juices running clear is always a good way to check.


Your showstopper BBQ chicken is now ready to serve.

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