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Grilled Meat


National delivery available Tuesday to Saturday

A £5 delivery charge will be applied for all orders under £50 

Order before midnight for next day dispatch

Any orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be dispatched on Monday

Collection is also available before 1pm Tuesday to Friday


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BRCGS Certified / Food Safe packaging system to guarantee travel safe of your order for up to 48 hours.


Meat items will be packed into a polystyrene inner within a 22L Corrugated carton (board grade 200k/200T 150 flute double wall) of 400 x 302 x 290mm in size.


The box will be packed with 1 sheet of BRC packaging certificated / food safe ice packs at the bottom of the box.


Fresh food items will be placed into the box and a second sheet of BRC packaging certificated / food safe ice packs will be placed on top of the food individually packed food items.


The polystyrene lid placed on top and the box closed and sealed. Food should be removed from packaging and refrigerated immediately.

We are committed to consistently looking at how to reduce our carbon footprint and we have lovingly packaged our boxes with recyclable cardboard & tape. Expanded polystyrene like most plastics has a bad name! It is thought of as non-recyclable. However, it is actually 100% recyclable so please check with your local depot. There are various specialist depots dotted around the country that specialise in recycling expanded polystyrene so please follow the link below to see if one is local to you.

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